Albert’s Real Jamaican Foods

Albert was born in Jamaica. He learned the art of seasoning from his mother starting at a very early age. Her hard work, passion for creative cooking, consistent methodology, a living example of faith in God, was Albert’s strong foundation in growing up.

Albert ‘s true love was and continues to be people. Children with learning disabilities are especially drawn to Albert as he is to them Albert came to Canada in 1978 and opened his restaurant, Albert’s real Jamaican Foods , in January 1986. His restaurant is still at 542 St. Clair Ave. West. Three years ago he has doubled the square footage of the shop.

He has won several awards, The Queen’s Gold Medal for her 50th year on the throne and also her 60th year on the throne. These two awards were for Community Service. Also in 1999 he won the Harry Jerome for excellence in Business which was presented by Prime Minister John Cretchen, and the Humanitarian Award for empowering others, presented by Metro Police in 2012.He is in the “Who’s Who in Black Canada” book. He has been invited to several radio talk shows and TV cooking shows.The above are some of his recognitions.

In 2006 Albert was appointed by the Attorney General as one of the thirteen Ontario Human Rights Commissioners He has added his own Hot Pepper Sauces this year in 2014. They are a favourite of his customers. People from all walks of life visit his restaurant not only to eat but to chat. Anyone who knows Albert knows this is very true.

He defines success as being able to encourage others in any way he can. Second is to create food to delight the taste buds and see delight on his customers faces.

Albert gives God all the praise.